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So I finally got around to bleaching my t-shirt today and it looks awesome :D

it’s bec noir :D

original pattern here

theres glow in the dark paint on it but I have yet to see it in the dark because it’s drying upstairs right now. I’ll take a picture of me wearing it once I wash it and stuff.

Until then have some progress shots :D

Step One: Cut stencils out of freezer paper at 1 in the morning.

Step Two: Wash Shirt in laundry at 1 in the morning with a bunch of towels.

Step Three: Wait a day, then take lint roller to shirt in order to remove the medley of fuzzies/pet hair stuck to the brand new shirt.

It's so clean now *O*

Step Four: Arrange stencils on shirt.

Step Five: Realize stencils are way to big for the teeny tank top you bought. Store stencils away for another day.

Step Six: Remake stencils, at a smaller scale this time.

Step Seven: Admire new socks.

Me gusta.

Step Eight: Greet unwanted cat.

Begone foul beast. This is a pet-hair-free zone.

Step Nine: Iron on stencil.

Step 10: Remember to shove garbage bag in shirt to prevent bleach bleeding through.

Step Eleven: Spray the hell out of that thing.(or not, depending on how intense you want it)

Step Twelve: Remove Stencils. Admire shitty work.

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